Oscar Wilde: Amor Intellectualis

Oft have we trod the vales of Castaly 
  And heard sweet notes of sylvan music blown 
  From antique reeds to common folk unknown: 
And often launched our bark upon that sea 
Which the nine Muses hold in empery,         5
  And ploughed free furrows through the wave and foam, 
  Nor spread reluctant sail for more safe home 
Till we had freighted well our argosy. 
Of which despoilèd treasures these remain, 
  Sordello’s passion, and the honied line  10
Of young Endymion, lordly Tamburlaine 
  Driving his pampered jades, and more than these, 
The seven-fold vision of the Florentine, 
  And grave-browed Milton’s solemn harmonies.

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