City agree Ł7.5m deal for Fowler


Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Daniel Taylor
Tuesday January 14, 2003
The Guardian

Robbie Fowler is expected to begin talks with Manchester City today after Leeds verbally agreed a L7.5m fee and withdrew him from last night's reserve match at West Brom to avoid the risk of injury. City will follow up their initial inquiries by faxing a bid to Elland Road this morning and Kevin Keegan hopes to give him his debut at Newcastle on Saturday. The talks are so advanced that the 27-year-old Fowler is expected to complete the move within 24 hours.

Keegan's delight will be tempered by the news that Michael Reiziger has turned down a loan move from Barcelona. Reiziger was unhappy that Keegan's willingness to spend all his funds on Fowler meant he could not sign the Dutch international, on a L4m permanent deal. Fowler's arrival might also jeopardise City's interest in Bordeaux's L5m-rated defender David Sommeil, with reports in France that the two clubs cannot agree on the method of payment.

Fowler's initial reservations about leaving Leeds have been dispelled and the Yorkshire club are keen to take another high-earner off their wage bill, despite selling Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Keane, Olivier Dacourt and Lee Bowyer.

"I expect things to become much clearer in the next 24 hours," said the chairman Peter Ridsdale, who needs to ease debts of around L80m. "Any player not being picked in the first team on a regular basis, and who is subject to an offer, will be under consideration in terms of being sold."

inquiry - zapytanie
bid - oferta
delight - radość, zachwyt
temper - łagodzić
loan - pozyczać, pożyczka
willingness - chęć
jeopardise (często też -ize) - zagrażać, narażać na niebezpieczeństwo
dispel - rozwiać, rozpraszać, rozpedzać
ease - łagodzić, osłabiać, zmniejszać
debt - dług
under consideration - rozważany

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