Mum Killed Own Babies

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

The mother of five dead newborns found in a barrel of sauerkraut near the eastern city of Lublin confessed to the killings of three of the children. She said she gave birth in a bathtub and drowned them because she was afraid of her husband, who did not approve of her pregnancies.
Andrzej K., 44, was arrested ten days ago after police received DNA test results in the case, but it took officials until Sunday to lay hands on his wife. Jolanta K. was apprehended on the information of an informant who came forward to claim the PLN 5,000 offered by police in return for information leading to her arrest.
The couple stands accused of cooperating in the murder of five of their children some time between 1992 and 2003. The bodies were uncovered on August 20 by two of the pair's other teenage children, who were asked to throw out the contents of the barrel from the family basement by their grandmother. Forensic tests done on the bodies show all of the five children bad been born healthy.
Police would say only that Andrzej K. submitted extensive testimony about the case and did not admit to the charges. Jolanta K. disappeared several days before the discovery of the bodies and has been the subject of a month-long countrywide manhunt.
The case is the second to be uncovered this summer in which parents murdered their own children and stuffed them in barrels. The first, in Lodz, is still being investigated.


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