Grow, Grow, Grow, Said the Minister

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

The government's economic policy chiefs went on a pre-Christmas offensive this week, with Finance and Economy Ministers Andrzej Raczko and Jerzy Hausner singing the praises of the country's economic revival at a series of press conferences and other events.
Raczko announced on Tuesday the ministry was raising its growth estimate for this year to 3.6 percent of GDP – far outstripping the rest of the its EU candidate contemporaries, never mind recessionbound Western Europe itself. "We can really say all the elements are in place. The Polish economy is succeeding in spite of the weak state," added Hausner at a seminar on Monday.
The main source of growth remains Poland's exporters, who look set to increase sales by around 12 percent this year. A repeat performance in 2004 may see GDP growth top five percent, although everything should depend on the effects of EU entry in May.


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