Carrot Top

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

Krakow-area produce company Maspex is setting out to conquer Germany in coming months with the help of... Kubus carrot juice. Maspex, among Poland’s largest juice producers, has been exporting the wonder fluid to German stores since June of this year, but now wants to launch a huge advertising campaign on the country’s main television stations, including RTL, SAT 1 and PRO 7, hoping that hype from the tube will persuade Poland’s neighbours to switch their ingrained brand alliances.
“We’ve been preparing for this for 18 months,” Maspex chief Krzysztof Pawinski told reporters this week. “In the market research we’ve done, our juice was very highly rated by German mothers and children.”
Kubus is already available under various names in the USA, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, but the excursion across the Oder has the best of bases – the average German consumes an average of 42 litres of juice annually, twice the equivalent figure in Poland.


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